Thermal Improvements

Insulating Struts

Apex offers two energy efficient thermal barrier solutions to battle the high coefficient of aluminum’s thermal conductivity. Glaziers can choose from Thermal Strutting or a Poured and Debridged Polyurethane. For both systems, Apex recommends finishing of the extrusions prior to the installation of the thermal improvement system.

Apex’s Thermal Strutting System will reduce the conductivity in aluminum extrusions by separating the aluminum profile into two thermally broken parts. Both the inside and outside aluminum profiles are extruded independently with a cavity to accept the thermal strut. By joining the profiles with an insulated polyamide strip, the thermally broken aluminum profile can provide up to 533 times more insulation than a non-thermally broken extrusion.  This thermal barrier will improve thermal performance while retaining the structural durability of the fenestration unit.  As the two profiles are independently extruded and finished they can have different exterior and interior finishes to match the cost, performance and design requirements (i.e. clear anodized exterior and a white painted interior).