Summit – Thermal Entrance

Reach the summit of performance with a 2.00-inch thermally broken entrance door system.


Summit 200 series narrow stile is a cost effective door used in applications ranging from retail shops to office buildings.

  • Narrow Stile door – 2 ¼” (57mm) vertical stile, 2 ¼” (57mm) top and 3 7/8” (98mm) bottom rail.

Summit 200 series medium stile door can accommodate aggressive use conditions such as institutions, schools and recreation facilities.

  • Medium Stile door – 3 ½” (89mm) vertical stile, 3 7/8” (98mm) top and a 5” (127mm) bottom rail.

Summit 200 series wide stile door creates a bold and hearty look most suitable for epic building designs where there is a potential for perpetual traffic.

  • Wide Stile door – 5” (127mm) vertical stile, 5” (127mm) top and a 7 ½” (191 mm) bottom rail.


  • All vertical stiles are available in radius and bevel designs.
  • Mid rail options available.
  • Doors are 2” (51mm) deep.
  • Dual moment welded corners utilizing a unique thermally broken connector design
  • Single or double acting.
  • Six glazing infill options ranging from 7/16” (11mm) to 1 1/8” (28mm).
  • Butt hinges, continuous gear hinges, offset and intermediate pivot options.
  • MS locks or Panic hardware.
  • Surface mounted or concealed closers.
  • Standard or Custom push/pull handle options.
  • Industry leading Apex anodized finishes in 8 choices.


  • Meridian 450 thermally broken storefront
  • Keystone 500 series 2” curtainwall
  • Pinnacle 600 series 2.5” curtainwall
  • Wide 600 series 2.5” curtainwall adapter that accommodates electric strikes available.
  • Zero sight line curtainwall door adapter available.


  • Adjustable astragal with pile weathering and dual polymeric fins option available.
  • Bulb and pile weatherstrip options for doors and frames.
  • PPG and Valspar brand liquid and powder applied finishes available in 2604 and 2605 standards
  • Numerous split finish options available (interior/ Exterior)
  • ADA and Person’s with Disabilities compliant 10” (254mm) bottom rail available
  • Custom and project specific requirements can be accommodated.