A Thermally Superior Window System
for all your Modern Building Designs



A Contemporary Approach to Exceptional Performance

The Spire System connects bold, modern design with practicality. Whether you’re looking for a fixed punched opening or an operable window, Spire has got you covered!

Versatility Meets State of the Art Performance

Our complete thermal break allows Spire to exceed ever increasing energy standards while adding a bold vision to your project. Choose between fixed or operable functionality with our Vertex vents series.


Exceptional Performance

Featuring EPDM rubber gaskets and utilizing a pressure-equalized design, Spire surpasses water and air infiltration standards.  18mm or 37mm (optional) polyamide thermal breaks paired with either dual or triple glazing contributes towards outstanding thermal efficiency.


Configurations are Highly Customizable

Match your building design with one of our six standard anodized finishes or make the project entirely your own with a custom color match for liquid coating finishes. Available in both full and split-finish options. With our range of frame sizes, Spire can easily accommodate your building needs.


Easy Modification

Make your changes on the fly; Spire allows for easy conversion from a fixed punched opening to an operable window while on the job site for future upgrades. No need to remove existing frames or refinish the openings, simply add a Vertex vent.


Remarkable Project Versatility

Create an impressive and seamless look on your next project. Split-finishes allow you to implement two color themes, one for your interior space and one for the exterior of your building.


Specimen Size 59” x 118”
[1500mm x 3000 mm]
Air Leakage – 75 Pa L/s/m² (cfm/ft²) US = Pass; CAN = A3 Infiltration: 0.01 (0.00);
Exfiltration: 0.00 (0.00)
Air Leakage – 300 Pa (6.2 psf) US = Pass; CAN = A3 Infiltration: 0.02 (0.00);
Exfiltration: 0.01 (0.00)
Water Penetration Resistance Pass @ (CAN) PG100,
730 Pa (15.3 psf)
Uniform Load (Deflection) Pass @ PG65,
3120 pa (65.2 psf)
Uniform Load (Structural) Pass @ PG65,
4680 Pa (97.7 psf)
Forced Entry Resistance Gr. 40



  • High quality anodized finishes in six standard color options
  • Industry leading liquid coatings available in a wide variety of standard colors
  • Custom color match available for liquid coating finishes
  • Full single color or split-finish coatings available
  • All finishes meet or exceed American Architectural Manufacturer’s Association (AAMA) standards.

System Integrations