Contemporary and Proportionate; The Pinnacle Curtainwall

is a Highly Evolved Statement for Your Next Project



Architecturally Evolutionary

Pinnacle focuses on scale and weight but the statement remains yours. Pinnacle’s 2.5″ profile is modern and embracive, it’s purposeful weighting helps define and deliver a project’s intended contextuality. In-house extrusions and finishes allow you to create and refine your project’s vision.


Versatility that’s Transformative

The Pinnacle curtain wall solution is a carefully engineered solution that allows near limitless versatility and customization. Its various options and our in-house capabilities allow designers the opportunity to capture their project’s full intent, whether for a monumental or iconic project, a retro-fitted building facade or a practical implementation, Pinnacle is a well-suited, evolved solution.



Remarkable Versatility

Multiple mullion depths from 1″ to 7″ for various project applications, glazing opportunities and spans. Ability to address corner and splayed applications.


Simplified Installation

Multipurpose components and fewer components result in simplified installation, saving time and budgets during the construction phase.


 Superior Glazing Support

Independent glazing chairs allow further opportunities to broaden glazing spans and allow for the implementation of larger insulated glass units.


Exceptional Thermal Performance

Intelligent fully pressure-equalized design that incorporates polyamide thermal breaks and EPDM rubber gaskets allow Pinnacle to surpass all water and air infiltration standards.



Evolved: A High Performance Curtainwall System for Today’s Most Sophisticated Projects

A multitude of features to assist your project’s vision.

Pinnacle was designed to optimize and assist a building’s overall energy performance. Pinnacle delivers industry leading thermal performance while also providing an opportunity for designers to create a project that meets their design vision. Multiple mullion depths allow for various applications and greater glazing spans. Ability for corner or splayed applications. In-house extrusions, a variety of gaskets and exterior caps including 4″ (102mm) and 5″ (127mm) bull nose caps, as well as in-house anodizing and near limitless custom color matching opportunities allow you to create and deliver the project you envision.

Standard Features

  • Stick-built or screw-spline design for simplified assembly and field installation
  • 2.5″ (63.5mm) profile comprised of 6063 allow; T6 or T5 temper aluminum extrusions
  • Available in captured, two-sided or four-sided structural silicone glazing
  • Multiple mullion depths from 1″ (25mm) to 7″ (178mm) for various applications and spans
  • Accommodates single, double, and triple glazing
  • Corner and splayed applications
  • Industry standard or custom caps available
  • Full frame polyamide thermal break for industry leading thermal and structural performance
  • Extruded EPDM or silicone air and weather seal gaskets
  • Glass chairs offer superior glazing support and allow for larger glazing units


Performance Test Standards

Air Infiltration 300 Pa (3.27 psf) ASTM E283
Air Exfiltration 300 Pa (3.27 psf) ASTM E283
Static Water Penetration ASTM E331
Static Air Pressure Difference ASTM E330
Dynamic Pressure AAMA 501.1
Static Testing, Interstory Drift AAMA 501.4
Dynamic Test, Seismic Drift AAMA 501.6
Static Test, Vertical Inter-Story Movements AAMA 501.7
Thermal Cycling of Exterior Walls AAMA 501.5
Condensation Resistance and Thermal Modeling NFRC 100, NFRC 200, NFRC 300, NFRC 500
All Testing for Pinnacle in Accordance with: AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440-11 CSA A440S1-17



  • High quality anodized finishes in six standard color options
  • Industry leading liquid coatings available in a wide variety of standard colors
  • Custom color match available for liquid coating finishes
  • Full single color or split-finish coatings available
  • All finishes meet AAMA 2604 or 2605 standards

System Integrations