If You Want Your Project to be a Vision,

You Have to First Think Visionary



Architecturally Visionary

A slim 2″ (51mm) profile provides occupants with incomparable and highly unobstructed sight lines within architecturally refined contours.


Environmentally Superior

Our evolved and sophisticated thermal break solution was implemented to surpass increasingly stringent energy codes.



Highly Versatile

Multiple mullion depths, industry standard or custom caps, corner and splayed applications, make the Keystone 500 exceedingly versatile and an optimal choice for new construction or restoration projects in low to high rise applications, including strip-windows and ground floor framing.


Thermal Performance and Condensation Resistance

A pressure-equalized design that incorporates polyamide thermal breaks and EPDM rubber gaskets allow Keystone 500 to surpass all water and air infiltration standards.


 Superior Glazing Support

Glazing chairs and multi-purpose sleeves offer superior structural support and simplified reinforcement that work to provide the opportunity for larger glazing units and unsurpassed views.


Limitless Customization

In-house services including custom extrusions and finishes allow for boundless customization and shorter lead times. Choose from the highest quality architectural coatings: anodized or paint with split-finish options.




Ease, Beauty, and Refined Contours

All the features you need to be remarkably visionary on your next project.

Maximize majestic views as well as occupancy comfort and daylighting with Keystone’s narrow 2″ (51mm) thermal profile. Keystone is designed to deliver additional value for expansive views and a connection to the outdoors. Enhanced by leading-edge thermal engineering, Keystone’s thermal break is never bridged. Finish your curtain wall in standard or custom color-matched paint, anodizing or split-finish.

Standard Features

  • Stick-built or screw-spline design for simplified assembly and field installation
  • 2″ (51mm) profile comprised of 6063 allow; T6 or T5 temper aluminum extrusions
  • Available in captured, two-sided or four-sided structural silicone glazing
  • Multiple mullion depths from 1″ (25mm) to 7″ (178mm) for various applications and spans
  • Anchor devices available in pre-manufactured aluminum or steel components, cadmium-plated fasteners or project specific designs
  • Industry standard or custom caps available
  • Full frame polyamide thermal break for industry leading thermal and structural performance
  • Accommodates single, double, and triple glazing
  • Extruded EPDM or silicone air and weather seal gaskets

Performance Test Standards

Air Infiltration 300 Pa (3.27 psf) ASTM E283
Air Exfiltration 300 Pa (3.27 psf) ASTM E283
Static Water Penetration ASTM E331
Static Air Pressure Difference ASTM E330
Dynamic Pressure AAMA 501.1
Static Testing, Interstory Drift AAMA 501.4
Dynamic Test, Seismic Drift AAMA 501.6
Static Test, Vertical Inter-Story Movements AAMA 501.7
Thermal Cycling of Exterior Walls AAMA 501.5
Condensation Resistance and Thermal Modeling NFRC 100, NFRC 200, NFRC 300, NFRC 500


  • High quality anodized finishes in six standard color options
  • Industry leading liquid coatings available in a wide variety of standard colors
  • Custom color match available for liquid coating finishes
  • Full single color or split-finish coatings available
  • All finishes meet AAMA 2604 or 2605 standards

System Integrations