Keystone – Slimline Curtainwall

Keystone 500 is a thermally broken 2.0 inch stick built Curtain Wall system that is suitable for low to high rise applications that require a high performance glazing system. The versatile installation methods of Keystone ensure compatibility with a wide variety of project applications.     

Keystone 550 series Curtain Wall system features a split-mullion design for simplified field installation, without compromising performance.  This captured system is available in array of back section dimensions to meet your project specific requirements. Finish options include anodized, powder, wet paint, and split finishes.



  • Great value with simplified fabrication and installations methods that lead to cost savings

  • Industry leading thermal and structural performance

  • Industry standard and custom caps available

  • Versatile – accomodates captured, two sided, or four sided SSG

  • Corner and Splayed Applications

  • Shear block and screw spline design

  • Multipurpose sleeve double as reinforcement

  • Multiple mullion depths for various applications and spans

  • Glass chairs offer superior glazing support and allow for larger glazing units

  • Accomodates a variety of glass infills including single, double, and triple glazing.


  • Available in 7 standard anodized finishes
  • Painted finishes in standard and custom colors (wet and powder)
  • Split finish options


  • Wind Load & Dead Load Charts

  • Thermal performance charts

  • Design assistance and support


  • Steel reinforcement
  • Integrated entrance framing systems
  • Compatible with Apex Vents and Doors